Let’s Be Real

Jasmine back at it again for the third time?! Saying hey for what feels like the millionth time as I am an emotionally confused woman who has no idea what I’m doing the majority of the time. I continuously go back and forth when it comes to my blog. Yes, no, yes, no, yes.

For those who do not know what I mean with the ”Third time” I relaunched my blog twice in the past years, ”Jasmine Secret” then ”Few and Far Between” changed the name, appearance and completely changed everything about it. I got bored. Stopped then re-launch. I have totally deleted / privated my old blogs and starting new. Now this is my third re-launch (third times a charm) and I am calling it ”Let’s Be Real”. Why? I always loved to blog and write about useless things that people probably don’t care about, especially whilst making my blog look aesthetically pleasing and what not. But, at some point I ended up writing about things I really did not enjoy writing about for the sake of getting content out. With Let’s Be Real I want to be able to write more content that people can relate to – ”real” (hehehe) content, which I have obviously plastered all over the blog with the name. Now, I am not claiming that I am the most realest person you will ever meet by any means. This blog is mostly to entertain myself.

Welcome to a place for banter with wanna-be pretty pictures that will most likely have nothing to do with the text. But, it be like that sometimes.

Let’s be real

I have no idea what I am doing, but that’s cool. Enjoy the ride…


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