My first time travelling alone – What I learned

One evening I was grabbing drinks with some friends during Christmas break. After a couple drinks went by I started talking about how I would like to travel alone somewhere as I did not want to depend on other people in the sense of whether their schedule allows it or if they can financially afford to go on a trip with me etc.. Also had some minor bad experiences recently travelling with some friends that got me a bit iffy. I wanted to start small, a country within Europe. Maybe not travel to another continent on my own just yet.

After the talk, my friends encouraged me to ”Just do it Jasmine!!”, and so I did. I went home probably still a bit drunk and the first thing I did was booked a one week trip to Barcelona and literally chose the first hostel that came up on hostelworld. After I booked everything a sense of panic hit me. I started messaging all my closest friends. ”I JUST DID SOMETHING STUPID” (me overexagerating obv) Which all my friends ensured me that everything will be fine although I probably shouldn’t have booked the trip whilst I was under the influence of alcohol.

Those who know me, knew I was shitting myself for the three months I had inbetween the time of booking the trip till the day I flew to Barcelona. I was scared I was going to get kidnapped, robbed, murdered… everything bad that you can imagine. I started googling things online and oh boi did that make me even more scared. I even contemplated on whether I should purposely miss the flight to save myself from the heart attack I was about to have. Despite me being overly paranoid about this, it was the best decision that I suck it up and got on that plane.

As soon as I arrived to my hostel in Barcelona I became instant friends with an amazing English girl who shared the room with me, we talked for a while and decided to go to a pub crawl that the hostel was having. It then all started from there, I met so many different people I now call friends from all around the world. I spent 99% of my trip with the people I met in my hostel.

I learned to just do it, no matter how much it scares you, you will thank yourself in the future for doing it. I would have never known how fun it was to travel alone if I never pushed myself to do it. Now all I want to do is to go travelling ON MY OWN. It’s going to be hard for me to travel with other people whilst knowing how much freedom and independence you have when you travel alone. You quickly learn to adapt.

I am the most careless person ever, I leave valuables around all the time. Since I was in a foreign country alone I was forced to take care of myself especially when going out in the night time. Although, I was really lucky to have met people from my hostel who looked out for me and always made sure that I was ok.

If I didn’t travel alone, this trip would have probably turned out a lot different. I wouldn’t have met the people I met during the trip as I wouldn’t have put in the same effort to get to know other people. I would have gone to different places. It’s just different.

I would like to thank drunk Jasmine for making this trip possible.

PS: If any of you guys are ever planning on going to Barcelona and would like to stay in a hostel. Hostel 360 Arts&Culture is AMAZING, the environment is safe and everyone is very kind and friendly. The Staff were beyond helpful.


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