6 things I love about Adulting

Honestly besides having to pay your own bills, do your own laundry, cook your own food which I physically cannot do. I can’t cook to save my own life. I love adulting regardless. Now if you are reading this and you have not ”adult” yet, oh boi you are in for an experience. Now let me tell you why.


Freedom to do whatever you want 

You are free to do whatever you want, literally ANYTHING. You can come home at 7 am without having to worry about getting scolded by your parents in the morning. Sleep in the toilet, or the kitchen, the world is yours.

Eat what you want 

I don’t know about you guys, but I had to eat dinner with my parents all the time, and if I was going to eat out with my friends I would have to inform them beforehand that I am not eating at home. Not only this but you could eat pizza 7 days a week if you wanted to.

Independence. Not having to depend on your parents. 

Yes, you become independent. Your very own person. I enjoy making my own income, being in charge of my own life, being INDEPENDENT.

Discovering a whole new world 

Obviously, when you get older, the endless possibilities just grow. A whole new world literally opens its door for you. The older I get the more excited I am about getting older.

Being more comfortable and happy with yourself 

I remember when I was a teenager I never would have thought I would be comfortable with myself and happy with the way I look. Although, there still are those days where I absolutely feel like shit about myself, but I have never felt the same kind of insecurity I had when I was a teenager. The older you get the more love you have for yourself.

Knowing who your real friends are

As time passes, you will slowly start realizing the friends you use to have are no longer in your life and the ones who still are here through all the shit you guys have been through together are the real friends. You also know what a real friend feels like because of that. No more toleration for that fake crap.

 What do you love about adulting?


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